Mayan Families Canada is an organization dedicated to helping Mayan Families in rural Guatemala. One child at a time; one family at a time. Established in 2005, this group has been involved in numerous projects that improve the quality of life of a significant number of families in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala.

We have Charitable Status and can issue tax receipts for your donations! Canadian Registered Charities registration number: 850482795RR0001


We are still in need of sponsors for one of our students for the upcoming 2016 school year.

Marco is our poster boy! We have sponsored him for many years as he had diligently worked through to the completion of high school and is now completing.......his masters in computer engineering! Yes, his masters! This is an incredible accomplishment for any student in Guatemala and one we are exceptionally proud of. He has asked if there are any sponsors interested in covering his last year's costs. It is estimated to be approx. $1700 but any portion of this would be gratefully accepted.

For further information Marco, please click on our "Sponsored Students" page and scroll down. Thank you for any support you can give.


If your donation is for a student or family who is NOT included on our "sponsored students" page, please contact Mayan Families in Guatemala ( directly to tell them of your payment to Mayan Families Canada. Your tax receipt will be issued by Mayan Families Canada but all administration of your donation will be handled directly by Mayan Families in Guatemala. Thank you.

URGENT NEED - Food for families

During our last visit we heard repeatedly that many families are suffering from malnutrition. They are living on a few tortillas and salt each day. As it will soon be moving into the rainy season, many of the fathers will not be able to dig sand out of the river for their families income. The mothers expressed concern that when this season comes, they will have even less food to live on. Setting up a monthly payment would be ideal but any amount would be appreciated. Please go to our Sponsored Students page for more info about each family. The ones most concerning us now are:


Highlight - Canadian school children helping students in Guatemala

Here are 2 examples of the incredible efforts of school children across Canada in helping others less fortunate. Kudos to their teachers, and all teachers, who bring out the compassion in our children.

Students from Jennifer Dennis' Grade 5 class were so impacted by the "Living on One Dollar" documentary (see below) that they made bunny fridge magnets for a fundraiser. They are now sponsoring a student in Guatemala! Well done!

Students from Ren Lukoni's leadership class continually fundraise to provide food for their sponsored family. As one student said "no matter how big or how small the action, it is a step in the right direction.We want students to realize how many opportunities are out there to spread wealth and make a difference, whether it be in our own backyard or across the globe." They have done just that. Congratulations students.

Guatemala Humanitarian Holiday 2017

We have just returned from a fantastic trip to Guatemala. Our next trip won't be until March 2017. If you have ever wanted to take part in a trip like this, please let us know. Believe it or not, spaces are filling up now! Here is what a volunteer from our most recent trip had to say.

"I went on this trip to give in whatever way I could. I came home with the greater gift of the heartwarming experience of being with the people we support and witnessing their heart, drive, enduring patience, and generosity of spirit despite life circumstances. "

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Living On One Dollar

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then perhaps a video is worth a thousand pictures? To really get some insight into the lives of the families we support, watch this film that follows the journey of four young men living on $1 a day for two months in rural Guatemala. Presently available on Netflix or visit their website at

Donation costs - please note:

The prices listed for donations on our "Donate" page have been updated to reflect current exchange rates between the US and Canadian dollar. Please note that these prices will be updated on April 1st and October 1st of each year. Prior to making a donation, please consult this page in order to send in the correct donation in Canadian dollars.

Automatic monthly donations

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Videos of the work being done in Guatemala

Our friends and colleagues in Guatemala, Mayan Families, have created two powerful videos to showcase the work being done there.

Please click here to view Claudia's Story.

Click here to view Elderly Care.

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