Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving. - Hank Rosso

We could not run our organization without fundraising and the generosity of family, friends, acquaintances and community members who continue to return year after year to support our cause.

Girls Afternoon Retreat

In years past we have had a wonderful Girls Afternoon Retreat on Vancouver Island. Participants went on an hour-long hike through the beautiful trails in Nanoose and then "retreated" to a beautiful lake-side setting for delicious appetizers, desserts and massages. This raised enough money to provide each of our sponsored students and their families with food for a week!

Chicken Change

One of our local elementary schools took on a service project of collecting enough change to purchase chickens for each of our sponsored families. As a reward, the Chicken Monster (aka the school principal) visited the school and did an impromptu chicken dance with the whole school participating!

Vow of Silence

One of our local high schools has taken on a next-to-impossible task of asking the students in the school to "purchase" a day of silence in the school. Each student who "purchases" a bracelet is entitled, with the teachers permission, to not speak for the day. Proceeds from this fundraiser went towards sponsoring a high school student in Guatemala.

Student Quilt

A local middle school home-ec teacher (and 2011 volunteer) had her students make a beautiful quilt which was then raffled off. Proceeds from this fundraiser went towards purchasing stoves to be installed by the volunteers on the trip.

Easter Egg Hunt

Students who wanted to participate in an easter egg hunt were each asked to bring in a pair of new socks. Over 400 pairs of socks were collected!

If you would like to organize a fundraiser in your school, office, or community, here are some ideas (Click Here to see our Fundraising Kits as well)

Bottle Drive

Bake Sale

Collect "Chicken Change"

Silent Auction

Car Wash

Make a family or office decision to donate instead of buying Birthday or Christmas gifts

Or sponsor a drive to collect needed items

Footwear in good condition (especially children's sizes)

Personal hygiene items

New school supplies (excluding paper)

Back packs


Christmas presents


Thanks to all the people who fundraise for different organizations. Without you there would be no chance of making difference.