Fundraising Kits

"I want to make a difference.....but how do I do it?"

The scope and extent of global problems can be complex and difficult for students to grasp. However, they are some of the most critical issues facing youth today. There are many lesson plans and teaching frameworks available for helping students deal with these challenging problems. However we often hear the same results....."I understand that global issues exist and that I can make a difference, but what can I actually do to help?"

Mayan Families Canada has developed a Fundraising Kit that will teach students about Global Poverty, specific problems with indigenous families in rural Guatemala, and give them a platform from which they can actually help. Included in the kits are complete outlines of three different fundraisers and all the information needed to organize them.

Each Mayan Families Canada Fundraising Kit includes

An inspirational DVD

An "Our School/Classroom Cares - Mayan Families Canada Banner (22" x 17")

An informative poster for each fundraiser (11" X 17")

Three complete fundraiser outlines

Three poverty related lesson plans


Each fundraiser/lesson plan deals with Poverty in general but is targeted at a specific area of need in Guatemala. They include:

Chicken Change - Directed towards hunger and malnutrition. Profits from this fundraiser go to purchasing chickens or bags of ground corn for needy families.

Mismatched Shoe Day - Directed towards the basic lack of clothing and education. Profits go to purchasing new shoes or sponsoring children in school.

Wall Of Hope - Directed towards basic needs such as safe shelters and ventilated and environmentally friendly stoves. Profits go to purchasing new stoves and home repairs.

All funds will be used directly in ongoing projects in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala the summer following your donation. Pictures are posted on the website so that students can see the benefit of their hard work.

For schools or classrooms that have raised substantial amounts, a Mayan Families Canada volunteer may be available to visit your school personally to talk to your students directly about how they have helped.


Kits are FREE with only a $10 CDN shipping and handling fee. Please email us if you have any questions. We hope you will empower your students to Make A Difference.