Our 10 person volunteer team for the 2009 trip had a wonderful time while participating in various projects in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala.


Travelling through rural Guatemala in our favorite mode of transportation.


On the trail to a house where we installed a new stove-can you find Kory?



Sharon and Ren enjoying the celebrations at El Baranco



Stacey and Trent having a great time while watching the show put on for us.

Sharon helping set up for the party at the preschool in Panajachel

Kory making paper hats, and new friends!

Trent handing out pencils to the students in San Jorge


 This lady is getting chickens and feed from Katie

Everyone helps when setting up the new stoves. Robin is showing these kids how to make a heat shield.


It takes the combined efforts of Sharon and Paul to place the sand where it's supposed to be

Cathy, Kory and Katie ready to hand out the leftovers-yes, leftovers-of the supplies we brought down.


Finally! Robin learned how to weave in the traditional way thanks to a sponsored student's mom


Cathy and Leigh trying to keep dry on a voyage out on Lake Atitlan

The 2009 volunteer team with their new friends from  Mayan Families Guatemala