November 1, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Our apologies for not having been in touch sooner than this.  We are sure you can all relate to computer challenges and work/life balance challenges!  But we are here and raring to go.  We have a number of things we think you might be interested in.


Our 2013 Humanitarian Holiday is now in the planning stages.  Our group will be going from: March 16 – March 31, 2013 (but this can be flexible)

Anyone who has been on a trip with us knows the incredible richness it brings to their own life as well as to those they have helped.  Many volunteers come with a spouse, a daughter, a nephew, a friend or a group of friends or colleagues.  Some come on their own and meet up with other volunteers who share the same passion.  The dates for the 2013 trip are not written in stone.  Some of us are travelling on those specific dates. But if you would like to join us a few days or even a week later that is fine. Also remember that these dates back onto Easter this year – there is a wonderful days-long celebration in Antigua around that time that you may be interested in going to. If you would like to be part of our 2013 trip please visit Mayan Families Canada Humanitarian Holidays.



Last year we focused on building a house for a 20 year old young lady named Maria who lives with her elderly grandparents.  When our volunteers visited in May they were able to see Maria’s new house!  Maria and her grandparents all expressed appreciation to everyone who donated to help make this incredible change for their family.  Tears were shed, hugs were freely given.  It was a magical time to experience this true gift of giving.


We have known Roberto since we first started visiting Guatemala.  He was 11 years old and working for Mayan Families Guatemala while going to school part-time.  He is still doing both and has proven himself to be an amazing young man.  Two years ago he decided the abuse he and his family were suffering at the hands of a relative they were living with was enough.  He made the decision that a new house away from the relative was the only solution.  And so he approached us for a loan to buy a tiny plot of land.  And then he proceeded to build a 2 room “house” one piece of wood at a time and only as he could afford it or your donations allowed.  This young man who is now 18 years old has done the impossible and will continue to do the impossible.  Thank you to those who helped him achieve his goal. For a few more photos of what he has accomplished please visit Click Here


Volunteers and recipients alike love the fun of dealing with egg laying hens as we do our annual chicken hand out!  It’s amazing the connection that builds between them as the volunteer struggles with the chicken and the recipient laughs at the struggle!  Our volunteers will always say what a great time they had handing them out and our recipients will always express deep gratitude for the gift.  Thank you to everyone who helps to make this annual event occur.


During our annual visits to Guatemala, we personally visit all 26 of our sponsored students, their families and other families we are helping. 

Our annual drive for the 2013 student sponsorship is now underway.  If you currently sponsor a student OR would like to help the family of a sponsored student please visit our Sponsored Students page for specific information.

All of our sponsored students need help not with just their education but food, clothing, housing and occasional medical attention for themselves and their families.  Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated.


We are proud to have a student who has made it to university and is completely dedicated to graduating and improving the life of himself and his family.  But to do so is expensive.  His education costs $1,250/year and, even though he works at the Mayan Families Guatemala office to help pay for his education and support his family, it is not enough.  If anyone is interested, partial sponsorship is completely acceptable.  Can you help this motivated young man?

Click Here for further information about Marco.


We will be selling our Guatemalan crafts at local Christmas craft fairs on Vancouver Island.  It would be great to see you there!

Saturday Nov. 3rd
Kairos World Craft Bazaar
Knox United Church
                          Parksville, BC      
Saturday Nov. 10th
World Craft Bazaar
Port Alberni, BC
Saturday Nov. 16th & Sunday Nov. 17th
Fiesta World Bazaar
Courtney, BC
Tuesday Dec. 4th & Wednesday Dec. 5th
Ballenas Secondary School
Parksville, BC

Thank you again for your ongoing support of Mayan Families Canada.

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