June, 2014

Hello Everyone,

We hope this update finds you well and looking forward to summer! As usual, many things have been happening with Mayan Families Canada during these past months. We thought it would be nice for each of you to see how you truly do make a difference in the lives of others.


During our visit to Guatemala last year, we met with Limni, a student sponsored by the community of Springwood Middle School in Parksville, BC. Limni told of us how well she was doing in school and how much she appreciated the opportunity to be able to go. With her was her mother and new baby brother. When I held the baby brother, I thought that he was less than a month old because he was so small. Wrong! Limni’s little brother, Luis, was 3 months old and weighed less than 4 pounds. He was severely malnourished. His mother was unable to breastfeed nor afford formula and so had been feeding him sugar and water. Quite concerned for Luis’ health, we put a call out to a donor who graciously stepped forward and, for the past year, has been paying for his formula. As you can see, the gift of this formula has made all the difference to the health of little Luis.

March, 2013

November, 2013


In our yearly updates to each sponsor, we send detailed information about what that child or family is in need of. We certainly appreciate the immediate response we receive from you in continuing to care and support these families and their needs. Marlin is our “poster” girl! If you look at our header above, you can see Marlin with her mother and younger brother Walter. She is bright, bubbly and enthusiastic. During our visit last year, we heard more about the mother’s plight. Her husband had had a head injury a few years previous and was no longer the caring, supportive person he used to be. In fact, he was drinking his earnings away and leaving nothing for the family. The mother did bead work at home to bring in a bit of income but she had no table to do it on. Upon hearing this, Marlin’s sponsor immediately contacted us to say that they would purchase a table and chairs for the family. It is this generosity and understanding of the plight of others that makes you, our donors, so special to each one of our families. Without you, families like Marlin’s would continue to struggle in ways that we can’t imagine.

Inside the 2 room house we built for the family. This kitchen has more than enough room for the new table & chairs.

Marlin, Walter, their mother & new baby brother with the table & chairs!


The needs of each of our students is listed on the student pages on our website www.mayanfamiliescanada.org
The cost for these items is listed on the “donate” page. Please contact us at info@mayanfamiliescanada.org if there is something you would like to help with. Remember, you truly do make a difference in the lives of others as the 2 stories above have shown.


Have you ever thought that you would like to go and help, somewhere in the world, but don’t know how to get started? We have been taking groups of volunteers to Guatemala for many years now. Every volunteer in every trip says that it has been a life-changing experience. Let us help you make that dreamt-about trip possible! Our next trip to Guatemala is scheduled for March 14 – 28, 2015. During these very busy 2 weeks you would install both fuel efficient stoves (like the one in Marlin’s kitchen above) and incredibly cheap but extremely effective solar-powered lights, distribute countless shoes, toothbrushes and articles of clothes as well as food baskets and chickens. You would visit a few of our sponsored students at their homes to truly understand and appreciate what their daily lives are like. You would ride in the back of pick-up trucks feeling the wind and the sun on your face as you head up and down the sides of mountains to the next remote village where the people would greet you with graciousness and enthusiasm! And you would sleep as sound as a baby each night knowing how much your hard work has been appreciated.

Check out the details of this trip on the “projects” page of our website www.mayanfamiliescanada.org and then contact us info@mayanfamiliescanada.org

Come by yourself, or with your partner, your daughter, your girls group, your nephew. But make that change in your life that you have always dreamt of. Remember, it IS possible. You CAN make a difference.


Since we work with Mayan Families in Guatemala and they collect their donations in the United States, we send our payments to them in US funds. Some years the Canadian and US dollar have been on par but for the past year or two they haven’t been. From now on, every six months we will use the exchange rate at that time to “set” our prices for the following 6 months. You will see that, even though you paid a certain amount to sponsor a student for one year, the next year it may be slightly different. This is completely owing to the fluctuating dollar. The cost, in US dollars, has not changed! Only the Canadian equivalent has. Still sending your donation in Canadian dollars is appreciated. The list of prices for the 6 month period can be found on our “donate” page on our website www.mayanfamiliescanada.org


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Once again, please know how very much your support and generosity is appreciated by those less fortunate than us. You truly do make a difference.

Please contact us with any questions, ideas or if you would like to volunteer. We look forward to hearing from you!

and the team at Mayan Families Canada

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