October, 2014

Hello Everyone,

We hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Holiday. We have an amazing experience planned for March, 2015 and hope you can join us!

Humanitarian Holiday 2015

Every year, Mayan Families Canada takes a group of volunteers to the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala to help improve the lives of indigenous families.  Our volunteers range from university students to mother/daughter duos, to families, friends and couples at all stages in life.  Each has said that the experience had a major impact on them and changed their viewpoint on the world.

“My family traveled to Guatemala with Mayan Families Canada in 2007. I will never forget the experience. We installed fuel efficient/ventilated stoves in homes, handed out chickens to families who could then sell eggs, and distributed all kinds of donated items we’d brought down from Canada in our suitcases. We were welcomed into the homes of the Mayan families and even shown how to cook tortillas on the new stoves. We practiced our poor Spanish with the vendors at the town market and played soccer with the local school children. We learnt that being poor didn’t necessarily mean being unhappy and that things we take for granted as “needs” aren’t as important as we think they are. We learnt that something as simple as a serviceable pair of shoes can light up the face of a child, and knowing that the air in her home is clean and healthy for her children can bring a mother to tears. It was a heart warming and life changing experience that I would recommend to everyone.”

Kathy Silver
Humanitarian Holiday Participant 2007

Does this sound like something you've thought about in the past but just didn't know how to go about it or didn't think it was possible?   Here is your opportunity to help make a difference.

DATE: March 14 – 28, 2015

COMMITMENT FEE: $446 per person guarantees a spot on the team (this is the cost of 2 stoves and is non-refundable) The fee is due by Nov. 7th as we are well into the planning phase and are committing to expenses and schedules


  • Install fuel-efficient stoves
  • Hand out chickens and food
  • Hand out supplies
  • Visit sponsored students and their families
  • Visit schools and hand out supplies
  • Work in pre-schools


  • Day trips in Panajachel, around Lake Atitlan and to the Chichicastinango market
  • 2 days of relaxing in beautiful Antigua
  • There are only a few spots left! You must register by November 7, 2014.

    For more information visit: Mayan Families Canada Humanitarian Holidays
    Or contact us at: email  info@mayanfamiliescanada.org phone  250-228-0171

    A photo gallery of previous Volunteer Holidays can be viewed Here

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