December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas to everyone from all of us at Mayan Families Canada!


Are you having problems choosing the perfect Christmas gift for someone special? If so, we might have the answer. Give them something that truly represents the spirit of Christmas…generosity to those in need.

Or, would you simply like to donate at this special time? Perhaps you would like to create a new family tradition that emphasises giving instead of receiving.

In either case, we have several Christmas Gift options:

  • Chickens and feed for a family $43
  • Baby formula for 1 month $55
  • Food for a family of 4 for 1 month $80
  • Fuel Efficient/Ventilated Stove $170
  • Student sponsorship $182

All Mayan Families Canada Christmas Gifts include an Online Gift Tag to whoever your gift is purchased in honour of. Simply give us their email address and we will send them a Christmas message that explains how special your gift to them is and how it will change the lives of an indigenous family in Guatemala.

To purchase your Mayan Families Canada Christmas Gift, simply email us at


The new school term is starting in January. For those who are sponsoring a student, we would like to gently remind you that their funds are due.


We are in the process of planning our 2009 trip to Guatemala. Please contact us if you are interested.